Before & After

Our Before & After Shots

Over the twenty plus years that we have been providing professional cleaning services, we have taken on a variety of unique cleaning challenges. Our results really do speak for themselves, so we thought we’d show them in these before & after shots!

The power of a Northern Cleaning Solutions clean is astonishing, always achieving extraordinary results from removing blood stains from carpets to restoring once grubby-looking upholstery to its former glory, we have seen and cleaned it all! We continue to provide, in our opinion, the most powerful cleaning system in the Yorkshire region, if not in the entire world.

All our customers take advantage of the first-class cleaning system that we offer, helping them to extend the life of furniture and carpets. Furthermore, “The Natural”, our in-house, state of the art cleaning solution is 100% nontoxic and safe for children and pets, working by creating millions of microscopic bubbles that release dirt trapped deep within carpet and upholstery fibres. The bubbles rise to the surface, lifting dirt and grime from the deepest sources in the most efficient way possible to be whisked away by one of our high-powered vacuum extractors. All this means we avoid using any harsh chemicals in our cleaning processes. Unlike many other carpet and upholstery cleaning methods, our innovative, industry-leading solution does not leave any sticky or soapy residues meaning carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for longer. Our highly skilled cleaning teams are extremely knowledgeable and true masters of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Here are a few examples of just how powerful our cleaning system is and what it can achieve in the hands of a professional.

Before & After Of The Uncleanable Armchair!

We received a phone call from a lady who was quite disheartened- a local upholstery cleaner had been unable and, in fact, not even attempted to clean an armchair which, admittedly, was quite grubby and in desperate need of a good deep clean. We were the armchair’s last hope of a successful clean; it’s last chance of avoiding replacement and a substantial investment for the client. Our expert office staff gathered further information and a few photographs. These were presented to Adam, our most experienced upholstery cleaning technician, who seemed confident that improvements could be made. On arrival a few days later, and upon seeing the armchair first hand, it became evident to Adam that this was going to be quite the cleaning challenge. He bravely went where other upholstery cleaners had dared not, and, after inspecting the subject, discovered that, although very heavily soiled, the armchair could undergo a full wet clean. Adam applied our powerful “The Natural” solution hot using one of our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning machines. Millions of tiny bubbles penetrated deep into the upholstery fibres, breaking up dirt and lifting it to the surface. When the solution and dirt were extracted, using a powerful vacuum, and the results unveiled, even we were astounded by the transformation! This just serves to prove what the right equipment and products, in the hands of a real upholstery cleaning pro, can achieve. The customer was delighted, not only with the rehabilitation of an armchair they thought beyond hope, but also with the added satisfaction that Northern Cleaning Solutions had saved her a fortune in replacement!

The Case of the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Success

A commercial client contacted us regarding carpet cleaning services. It was necessary for all cleaning to be undertaken and drying completed during the evening when the areas were closed to customers. One of our commercial cleaning team members visited the premises to assess and quote for the job, completing a small patch test clean and establishing how the work could safely be undertaken. Impressed with the results of the initial test clean, the client contacted us and booked a full deep clean. The job entailed cleaning a large, carpeted hallway area late at night so as not to interfere with the business’s working hours. Working these unsociable hours is, for our commercial team, all part of offering the best cleaning service around! Another hurdle the team had to contend with was the low-level lighting in the venue. This was overcome with installation of temporary lights. Before work commenced, the carpet had appeared to be a very dark grey, with a particularly worn region which had been subjected to heavy traffic around the bar area, with evidence of many years of drink spillages. The whole carpet was polluted with oils and other food-related muck. Our exclusive cleaning solution, “The Natural” was applied to the carpet and a powerful industrial extraction vacuum used. This cut through the dirt with ease, leaving carpets looking fresh and returning them to the original colour. As you can see from the photograph, it made quite the difference! The client also took the wise decision to opt for carpet protection, following the clean. Our in-house, specially developed carpet protector, “Repel” was applied. This product creates a barrier around the carpet fibres to prevent deep pile staining. After the irrefutable success of this first clean, we devised a regular cleaning programme with the client. With this periodic specialist maintenance package, the life of the carpets will be extended, and the client will enjoy a cleaner looking carpet for many years to come.

A Mishap in Merlot

One of our loyal long-term clients rang us in a panic- while enjoying a glass of red, a spillage had occurred, leaving extensive staining on his lounge carpet. As you can see, this was in a prominent position so required removal ASAP. Unfortunately, the wine had splattered, leaving many small areas of staining which would all require individual attention. On arrival, Adam, one of our carpet cleaning operatives, carried out a pre-inspection of the carpet. During an assessment, the technician checks the carpet for underlying issues which may reduce the effectiveness of cleaning. These may include previous cleaning attempts, applications of inferior stain removal products which may contain soaps and sometimes bleaching agents, sun damage and worn areas. In this instance, the client had left the stain well alone which does increase our chances of removing stains. We would only recommend blotting up as much of a red wine spill as possible with a Terry towel type cloth, also applying some of our specialist spot remove, if close to hand. The number one rule, in our opinion, is NO SCRUBBING! as this could drive the wine deeper into the pile and carpet backing. In some cases, this can start to cause the carpet to delaminate in the area, causing bald spots to develop. In this case, no previous attempts to shift the stain had been made but the multiple stain spots did make the removal tricky. However, we are up for any cleaning challenge! With our specialist wine stain removal product which can be used on most types of carpets and the deep cleaning power of our solution, we were able to remove all traces of the stain.

An Optimum Outcome following an Oily Occurrence

During a routine carpet cleaning job for one of our regular landlord clients, we unearthed a serious cleaning challenge- an oily stain. The previous tenant had left the rental property in a fairly poor state, to say the least, and it required full deep cleaning of all carpets and sanitising of surfaces. The most stubborn stain, shown in the accompanying figure, was thought to be possibly the result of an oil-based product and was slightly sticky to the touch, clearly attracting dirt to the area. Following some pre-clean tests, it was established that even our superior carpet cleaning solution would need a hand removing this particular stain. Luckily here at Northern Cleaning Solutions we don’t just rely on having the best cleaning solution around, we also have many specially designed, state of the art in-house cleaning boosters and pre-sprays. These have all been developed especially for Northern Cleaning Solutions and tried and tested on countless different carpet grades and stains. The product we chose to aid in the removal of this stain is an excellent oil shifter and one of our most successful products. Once applied, it gets to work immediately breaking down oily substances, allowing easy removal to be achieved using our “The Natural” cleaning solution. The products and oily residue can then be sucked away by the industrial carpet cleaning machine outside. Once these processes had been applied to the oily stain in question, the results were extraordinary! All the carpets on the job were immeasurably cleaner, with all oily stains removed, and we also sanitised them all which helped to remove up to 82% of the bacteria within the carpet fibres. Finally, we deodorised the carpets, leaving the area fresh and clean for the new tenants. The landlord was delighted to have been saved the hassle and environmental and financial impact of replacing the carpets throughout the property.

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Excellent service and clean today from Northern Cleaning Solutions, had my three piece suite and lounge/diner carpets cleaned they look brand new and smell so fresh. Would highly recommend and will use them every time from now they are the best carpets cleaners around!!! – Audrey Burrows