Commercial Cleaning and Sanitising

The commercial cleaning and sanitising experts

For over 20 years, Northern Cleaning Solutions have been providing the highest standards in commercial cleaning services for the West Yorkshire region, utilising state of the art sanitising products alongside our superior cleaning processes to eliminate bacteria, viruses and germs making spaces healthier. We can undertake any cleaning challenges in a commercial setting, from sanitising sites with multiple office locations, housing associations and residential builders clean we can help.

In the world we live in today, we know that having a clean, safe and healthy environment for your workforce and customers is more valuable than it has ever been. Here at Northern Cleaning Solutions we have the knowledge and experience of using cutting edge sanitising products. Depending on requirements, some of these products can create barriers on surfaces giving protection and peace of mind for many hours without reapplication.

Killing bacteria and viruses on any surface

The sanitising processes vary depending on your requirements but all feature the application of high-grade sanitising products which are proven and tested against bacteria and viruses including MRSA, Covid-19, E. coli, SARS, Influenza A H1N1 and many more. Where possible the sanitising products will be applied using ultra-low-volume (ULV) cold foggers, these produce extremely small droplets making the sure surfaces have an even coating of the sanitising product. Our products are safe to use on most hard surfaces and we even have specialist processes to sanitise soft furnishings and fabrics.

Our highly professional technicians can treat the surfaces of your business safely and effectively, we have undertaken many cleaning and sanitising work in locations such as large office spaces, football stadiums and even in rental properties. We have the knowledge and experience to undertake any cleaning challenge and we can even provide emergency response for virus outbreaks and urgent cleans.

Builders cleans

Unfortunately, when taking on any construction or refurbishment project, dust and debris is inevitable. Even with the tidiest building teams, the final cleaning process can be a challenge and will usually require a professional deep clean so the works can be correctly signed off and handed back over to the client or even repopulated.

We can undertake cleaning at any site no matter the size or the type of cleaning needed, our professional and highly trained technicians are equipped to deal with it.

At Northern Cleaning Solutions we provide a variety of cleaning packages to suit any site, from a builders clean following a refurbishment, Sparkle Clean which is a high end cleaning method, end-of-tenancy and student accommodation deep cleaning. Whatever the needs of your business, Northern Cleaning Solutions have got you covered! So, look no further for all of your building clean needs.

We can even remove construction waste if skips are not an option. We can provide a Man and Van service, our rates are competitive with our full waste carriers licence, we take your rubbish to a licensed facility who handle the recycling and disposal of your waste.

Environmental cleans

Many rental properties nowadays can end up in a poor state when the tenants move out and leave behind a dangerous and hazardous to health condition that requires professional cleaning, we should be your first call, working alongside many housing association groups and private landlord for numerous years has provided us with knowledge and experience, in providing quick and professional services such as trauma scene clean ups, needle sweeps, house clearances and deep cleaning. Our team is always happy to take your call and give you advise and further information on any of our services.

Some rental properties nowadays can end up in a poor state when tenants move out leaving behind them a trail of destruction which can be dangerous and hazardous to health and requires professional cleaning. We should be your first call. Working alongside many housing association groups and private landlords for numerous years has provided us with knowledge and experience in providing quick and professional services such as trauma scene clean ups, needle sweeps, house clearances and deep cleaning. Our team is always happy to take your call and give you advice and further information on any of our services.

Rely on us – we will be ready

Our services have been honed over our 20 plus years in business. In this time we have helped countless companies and private individuals with cleaning, sanitising, specialists cleans and emergency response. We can accommodate any of your cleaning needs and schedule to execute our services at times that are least disrupting to your day-to-day business and safest for staff and customers.

Our work is backed by our client guarantee which is why you can enjoy complete confidence in Northern Cleaning Solutions and the services we proudly offer. We have accreditations with ISO 9001, WoolSafe and the BDMA. All our staff are highly trained and are happy to help.

Commercial Cleaning Processes

What areas of my business will benefit from regular cleaning and sanitising?

Commercial cleaning and sanitising is key for several areas of your business, from being presentable and inviting to customers to meeting health requirements.

For example, depending on the nature of your business and what it does, a regular cleaning and sanitising schedule might be essential to maintain high standards of hygiene that are mandated by local authorities. Additionally, professional cleaning and sanitising is also important for the long-term maintenance of your property, furniture and fixtures.

Our experienced cleaners use professional grade sanitising products that are safe for humans and animals, as well as offering deep cleaning services to achieve a thorough cleanse down to the finest detail. We understand that each business is unique so we strive to tailor our services to meet your needs. No matter the size or nature of your business, you can trust us to keep your premises clean, germ-free and looking great!

How can I ensure my employees are happy with the cleaning and sanitising services?

We appreciate that your staff’s satisfaction with the services we offer is paramount. Our professional cleaning technicians focus on providing a high-quality service to all of our customers, as well as going above and beyond to make sure that the cleanliness of your premises meets the highest standards, without interrupting the workflow of your employees.

We provide our staff with the latest in cleaning technology, as well as professional grade products that are safe for animal and human contact, which means no nasty dry eyes or sneezing after we’ve finished! We’re also available to offer advice on other aspects of hygiene and sanitation, such as how to reduce cross contamination or how to create a “clean room” environment.

Ultimately, we work very hard to ensure that your employees are happy and comfortable with the cleaning and sanitising services we provide. We think it’s one of the keys to all the long-term partnerships we’ve built with businesses over the years!

What should I look for in a commercial cleaning company?

When searching for the right commercial cleaning and sanitising company, it’s essential to look for one that can provide a comprehensive service that covers all your needs, rather than racing to the bottom on pricing. On top of that, you should use a company that can guarantee their cleaning services and have decades of experience.

Luckily, we fit all those requirements! On top of that, we offer an extensive range of services, from deep cleaning to sanitising key areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where hygiene is paramount.

So, if you are searching for a professional cleaning and sanitising company to meet all of your needs, you’re in the right place! Contact us today for an obligation free quotation.

Used Northern Cleaning Solutions for multiple years for building cleans, always on time and go above and beyond, truly excellent service. – David Smith