7 reasons why Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Crucial for Office Spaces

The benefits of businesses investing in commercial carpet cleaning.

  1. Your carpets could be dirtier than you think
    Did you know that carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt? Yes- that’s right- up to 4 times! This is why regular professional carpet cleaning is critical to maintaining healthy working environments, especially in high wear areas of office space carpets or office carpets that have received little maintenance. As people walk over carpets, the dirt, dust and bacteria from footwear is transferred into the carpet pile; this is not to mention the food and countless spilled teas, coffees and other substances which invariably end up soiling office carpets. Left untreated, this becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, harmful allergens to build up and can ultimately become serious health hazards. Every subsequent step onto the carpet can release allergens into the air, where they circulate until they are inhaled. Of course, we all know this effect can be reduced by regular vacuuming- at least a couple of times a week and ideally every day in heavily used areas. This helps to eliminate some of the surface dust and dirt but only a deep, professional carpet clean will remove some of the more stubborn pollutants and stains.
  2. Professional carpet cleaning removes harmful pollutants
    This works to improve indoor air quality and make the office space a safer and cleaner environment for all. The main advantage of having a professional carpet clean is to eliminate harmful pollutants. These can be buried deep within the carpet fibres. There are many different types of pollutants that we regularly find in dirty carpets including mould, dust mites, bacteria, skin cells and other detritus unwittingly left behind by humans.
  3. Improves overall cleanliness and creates a professional feel
    It is imperative to create a culture of cleanliness in office spaces. We believe, and indeed research has proved, that having a clean environment actually encourages occupants to maintain high cleanliness levels and can even improve overall mood and productivity in an office space. Furthermore, clean carpets also provide clients and prospective clients with the best impression. A badly maintained carpet full of stains is something which all businesses should avoid. For these reasons, professional carpet cleaning is arguably an invaluable investment for any business office space.
  4. Eliminates mould.
    Now, we’ve all experienced mould in our lives and most people come across this regularly. However, it is proven that mould produces allergens that can be extremely harmful when inhaled, especially for those already vulnerable- the elderly, young or allergic. Mould releases spores which, in an enclosed environment such as an office space, can cause people to suffer from rashes, runny noses and, in worst case scenarios, even asthma attacks. Mould thrives in damp conditions and an unclean carpet can be surprisingly damp. Spills such as hot drinks or organic materials provide a perfect environment for mould to grow. A professional carpet clean will eliminate mould at its source.
  5. Eliminates dust mites
    Dust mites are microscopic and are one of the most common allergy and asthma triggers that lurk inside your office space carpets and soft furnishings. Great numbers can remain even after a deep vacuuming clean; advanced professional intervention is needed to get rid of dust mites. Dust mites leave faeces which cause allergic reactions. The microscopic particles are easily inhaled, causing a range of respiratory problems. It is important to get your carpets cleaned professionally to ensure that your workplace is safe and dust-mite free. We use hot carbonated extraction, this heats our solutions up to and above 54ºC. These high temperatures are proven to kill dust mites and our high-powered industrial vacuum does the rest- removing dust mites, faeces and food sources, improving the indoor environment.
  6. Reduce costs and office down times
    Getting carpets cleaned professionally can save you money and reduce office downtime. New carpets are excellent and a real investment in a business office space; however, if these are not properly maintained you could be looking at replacement of the carpets every few years. Considering the cost of replacement and fitting, coupled with the potential of office down time while the new carpet is fitted, the most cost-effective plan is to have the carpets professionally cleaned- you could prolong carpet lifespans by years. Of course, all carpets eventually need to be replaced due to wear and damage but prolonging a carpet’s life as long as possible by regular professional cleaning ensures maximal return on your investment while ensuring the carpet always looks clean and like-new.
  7. Stop carpet traffic lines
    Traffic lines are sections of office which people frequently move through. Examples include: doorways, hallways, stairways and tracks around furniture. These zones see the majority of foot traffic and are more susceptible to soiling, creating so called “traffic lines”. Usually, side offices and meeting rooms can remain relatively clean with little sign of wear and tear, this is mainly due to these areas experiencing lower footfall and, of course, being far away from coffee stations! The best way to stop traffic lines from occurring would be to provide overshoes. Clearly, this is impractical for most offices to implement. As an alternative we recommend bristled foot mats. Although an expensive initial investment, if these are properly fitted at the entrance of each room, they can remove up to 70% of debris from the soles of footwear, meaning this dirt is not trodden into the carpet. Alongside this suggestion, and especially in cases where mat installation is not possible, regular professional deep cleaning is essential. We recommend booking a clean every 3-12 months, depending on the foot traffic in the area.

Get a professional carpet clean today and reap the health benefits to you and your employees, not to mention the potential increases in productivity and subsequent business growth. We have experienced technicians who are on hand to provide details of the clean and free demonstrations to business clients.

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